Monday, 28 December 2009

Art Exhibition

Art Fair at Islington
On Wednesday 17 Jan.2007 Got up at 6am which seemed like the middle of
the night . Most things were prepared in advance i.e. Clothes, bag, but
I made a sandwich in case I needed something to eat on the coach. 
[made 3 slices of bread with herb slices, 4 small tomatoes cut in fours,
put the tomatoes in a small container. And some water in a bottle, an
apple and banana ] Roy had prepared the car too, turned it round and
left the gate open and netting up. I left the house at 7.30am to get to
the coach for 7.50am departure [a bit of a rush I should have left 10
minutes earlier] and managed to get a front seat on the inside, left.
The coach was full-Pennys students and ex-students like me.
Usually the journey is two and a half hours and we arrive at Islington
before the Fair opens at 11am [have been four times] but there was an
accident on the motorway which held us up so by 11am when we should
have been there we were not even half way! It took another two and a
half hours to arrive eventually at 1.30 pm. We arrived at 1.30pm. and
on entering, I was with L, generally looked around [there were 3
floors] and after 2pm L. and I went for some lunch.
We had four and a half hours to wander around all the galleries and
after lunch started again on the second floor. Each gallery was vastly
different and there were about 60 exhibiting galleries in all. It was
impossible to get around them all in such a short time so I homed in on
the artwork that appealed to me. (various styles) What can I say .. I
did a lot of looking and saw a lot of interesting and exciting work.
Many galleries had leaflets, booklets and some books to give away 
(although some booklets were five pounds) but I did not have to buy any
as I found the free ones.! I came home with a very heavy carrier bag
full (smiles)
We had arrived late so instead of the usual leaving time of 4pm Penny
had arranged for us to leave at 6pm so that we would have our time
there. By 5pm some of us were tired and went to the restaurant for a
break. A few of us chatted about what we had seen. Then at quarter to
six we made our way downstairs to the front doors and out to the coach
which was waiting for us. We all boarded the coach and promptly left
for home. We were all very tired and hoped that we would arrive in
Wimborne within 3 hours.We arrived in Wimborne /St Michaels Church 
at 8.45pm and I arrived home just after 9pm.

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