Saturday, 9 January 2010


Last Saturday evening, 2nd, wasn't very pleasant   .. at 8pm as i was doing the washing up my hands began to  get hot and itch .. i quickly did the washing up trying to ignore the intense itching that was getting worse as i felt very  shakey. I finished  the washing up went into the front room, sat down and Roy asked me how i was .. i told him and he reminded me to relax.. which  is not easy with intense heat and itching  gradually moving up into my arm and legs.. then as i felt my mouth slightly numb and beginning to swell insisted Roy phoned the ambulance ..   It arrived quickly and the paramedics came in. They asked me what i was feeling and i told them ..  the sensations  seemed to be stable and not worsening but i felt dreadful.They agreed it was a reaction to an unknown substance, as Roy had told them i had reactions and hospital tests previously, and the paramedic gave me 10mg of liquid  antihistamine (Piriton ) by injection in left hand. They monitored me for a while  having decided not to take me to hospital (which was a relief) took my blood pressure several times an along with other things and told me to lay down on the floor with my feet up ,on the chair. (i was sick and went to toilet during that time)  after which the medication started to work. Time passed and as i appeared to recover the paramedics left ..  with advice that i should get some liquid piriton to use in case this happened  again ..   so that  i wont  have a full anaphalactic shock.


Gina said...

Gosh that sounds horrendous ... do you know what it was that caused it? I hope you are 'up' on all the info regarding anaphalactic. its so dangerous. I hope today you are feeling tip top ... and be careful! >> Gina

Sarah said...

hi gina .. it was scary to say the least..! had loads of tests ages ago but stopped going for them 'cos the consultants don't know much about it .. the great thing is though.. that Whatever i have done/eaten etc. has Never been the same when it happens so is unknown allergy.. lol just what i need.. huh..!! ..i'm ok though .. thanks for caring..
sarah x